Web Designs utilizes Mal's free e-commerce shopping cart system
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Security falls into two main areas; firstly our responsibility to safeguard our customer's personal data and secondly; to avoid becoming a victim of fraud yourself.  I make no apologies for the fact that I am more concerned with the former.


At Mal's e-commerce your customers' payment information is encrypted and then saved to the database.  You can download this information only by using an SSL enabled browser from within the Admin area.

It is absolutely essential that you never include credit card information in unencrypted email.  So unless you have a digital signature for the recipient of your communication you shouldn't send it.

Is it secure?

Yes. These days there is no technical reason why your credit card information shouldn't be secure but a lot still depends on the management systems the merchant uses.  For example there is absolutely no point in using a SSL secure server to collect credit card details as I do at Mal's e-commerce if you then latter on post it over the Internet using unsecured e-mail.

When one of your customers places an order you will be notified by e-mail. That e-mail will contain details of their order plus a unique Shopper ID but minus the credit card number. You will have to collect the card number using an SSL secure browser and the Shopper ID number from this site.

I use exactly the same process for checks as the same security risks exist although for some strange reason not in most peoples minds.

How do I take credit cards?

For a detailed discussion on credit cards read the help file.

I don't process credit card transactions.  I simply collect the information from your customer and post it on.  To process credit cards you need to have a Merchant   Account with your bank.  E-commerce is still in its infancy and many banks are weary of fledgling Internet businesses but this is for you to sort out.

If you can't take credit cards you can still accept checks and cash payments, COD for example.  This would most likely be the case anyway for a school or a club shop.

Web Design Team