The Internet is seen by over 40 million people each day.

That number will double within the next year.

The Internet is the most talked about medium in the world.

It is replacing the fax, phone and mail as the preferred method of communication since the 1990's.

With Web Design advertising on the Internet is far less expensive and less complicated than one would imagine.

Getting on the Internet is simply not enough. After all, there are already thousands of existing websites, but how many of then are truly excellent? We have the experience to interact with the Internet community in such a way will make people seek out your website time and time again. The Internet is its own system, with its own rules and customs. Any mistake could be costly. Handled professionally, fortunes can be realized.

Consider the FACTS:

bullet You can reach more people via the Internet than any other medium.

bullet A website will increase sales, not only reaching an unprecedented number of people, but by tapping into new markets as well.

bullet A website is extremely cost-effective since your website will work for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week for less than the cost of running a one-time local classified ad.

bullet Your competition may already be on the Internet - more than 25,000 businesses are coming onto the Internet each month.

bullet New York is the fourth largest state in terms of numbers of businesses on the Internet.

bullet A recent survey shows that over 70% of the people on the Internet access it between one and six times per day searching for new products and services.

bullet Your potential clients are looking for it. You can present your prospects with much more information than in any other form of advertising.

Web Design Team